How many bags are in the pack?

There is 1 Mister Sack in every pack.

How big is the bag and the package?

Mister Sack is 150x18x7* cms and it is packed in boxes 23x23x6 cms.

Does it have a deadline if you don’t use it?

No, it doesn’t. The sealed dose, the synthetic cladding and the vacuum-pack guarantee a long duration.

Is it ready to use or do I have to wet it previously?

Mister Sack has to be wet for 3-5 minutes until it becomes 20 kg (ideal positional weight). After that, you can simply place it in front of your door over the supplied PE film adhered to the walls.

Does it work with salted water?

Mister Sack has been designed to stop freshwater. During emergencies connected with salted water we advise you to wet the bag with freshwater until full load and to place it like a normal use having in mind that salt tends to cancel the process.

Is it re-usable?

Yes, it is - just if it have absorbed clean water. After the first use you can put it over the supplied PE film in a cold, dry and ventilated place. During the first drying week it is recommended to turn the sack around.

How to dispose it?

We suggest you to expose the bag to solar rays untili it becomes dry.
The uncontaminated bag can be disposed in garbage dumps or incineration machineries with C.E.R. code 150203. Another disposal solution for uncontaminated bag is to mix the internal material with ground to make it more fertile.
The contaminated bag got in touch with oils, hydrocarbons or chemical products must be disposed in garbage dumps or incineration machineries. We cannot give you a specific C.E.R. code for contaminated bag because it depends on the absorbed substance. Customers have to check and examine the substance to obtain the appropriate C.E.R. code.

Questions about Mister Sack?

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